There are many ways to adjust the body to create a better balance in the nervous system so that all of the muscles, vessels, organs and lymphatics work at their fullest potential. The following are some of the many things that are corrected during a visit at Transcendence Wellness Center.

Visceral Manipulation

  • This can involve addressing adhesions from old injuries and surgeries.  Movements of organs such as a hiatal hernia, retroverted uterus, twists in the small and large intestines and drainage of organs such as gallbladder and liver, ect.


Spinal and Extremity Manipulation

  • This involves using either traditional adjustments (similar to what a chiropractor would do), activator manipulation (impulse), or use of breath to allow muscles to relax and allow the movement of the bones into their correct position.


  • Addressing the TMJ can help with a variety of conditions, including; insomnia, jaw clenching, clicking and popping while chewing, balance issues, neck pain and much more.

Muscle Rehabilitation, Trigger Points, Muscle Weakness and Muscle Optimization

  • Correcting abnormal muscle patterns and muscle weakness will make you feel better as you go about your day to day activities.  It helps reduce injuries that occur with exercise.  It is also used with athletes to optimize and reduce injuries during a golf swing, pitch, running, swimming, ect.

Ligaments and Connective Tissues

  • Ligaments and connective tissue are responsible for holding your bones, muscles, vessels and visceral organs in the correct positions.  Micro and macro tears, weakness, increased laxity or "stretchiness" and misalignments of these tissues can lead to a host of problems throughout the body;  instability of joints, muscle weakness and abnormal function, decreased functionality of the vessels and organs throughout the body and chronic disorders like osteoarthritis. 



Nervous system Rehabilitation and Optimization


Craniosacral System

  • The duramater is the outermost layer of your brain, and it runs down the spinal cord. Because of this, misalignments in the skull and/or sacrum can cause your entire spine to be impacted.  This will change the way your nerves are able to travel from your spinal cord to your organs, muscles and vessels, ultimately resulting in abnormal function.  We address this by correcting these misalignments, which optimizes the nervous system inflow and outflow of the spine and brain to the rest of the body.