"Knowing your medicine is to bring h

ealing into your life."

- Ancestral Healing principle

Calling in the Medicine

September 12 - 15, 2019
Sedona, Arizona | Grace Groves Lifestyle Center

A men’s gathering to heal the Mind, Body, and Spirit through
the healing arts of Naturopathic and Shamanic Medicine.

In communion with Brotherhood, immerse yourself in the therapy of naturopathic treatments, daily nutritious meals, holistic preventative care, botanical medicine, outdoor excursions in nature, and soul renewal Shamanic healing treatments of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.


Naturopathic Care

Naturopathic care employs natural remedies and practices to help the body heal itself. The goal is to treat the whole person by treating the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. While doing so, it seeks to heal the root causes of illness -- versus managing symptoms. Each individual will receive Plant-Based Nutrition, Lodging, immersion in Naturopathic teachings.


Shamanic Treatments

A soulful transformation bathed in Love to activate the body's natural healing processes, aligning the mind, body, and spirit. Immersed in Navajo and Usui Reiki healing treatments; each individual will experience transformation meditation, sweat detox therapy, aromatherapy, chakra cleansing, indigenous sound vibration, and superfood meals.



In the tribe of Brotherhood, realize your personal potential in communion with other men who are “Seeking the Medicine.” Re-ignite your intuitive spirit through shared wisdom, laughter, emotional clearing, and honesty. Surrender to friendship and create new life experiences as you play in nature's playground with a nature herb walk, hiking, swimming, cooking, fitness, and yoga.


Dr. Rosie Banker, ND

“Healing is the discovery of the Divinity Within”

Dr. Rosie Banker is a board-certified Naturopathic Physician who earned her degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) in Tempe, Arizona. Dr. Banker is passionate about whole body wellness and minimally invasive treatment. Her goal for each patient is to harmonize, optimize and improve body function while fostering a sense of well-being so that they can transcend to their greatest personal and health potential. Dr. Banker is consistently attending seminars to improve her knowledge base to better serve her patients. She also works at her alma mater SCNM to help mold the Naturopaths of the future.


Dr. Carolina Rodriguez

“Love is the root medicine of healing”

Dr. Carolina Rodriguez comes from a long line of natural healers, with both of her ancestral lines, paternal and maternal, having practiced the healing arts in their respective communities. She feels honored to be entrusted as a guide for people, through their healing journey. She first received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California, in 2004. Then she earned her medical degree, a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2012. Since then, she’s worked alongside prominent physicians in order to craft her medical skills, even adding regenerative medicine as a tool for optimal healing. She also founded her own company, Natural and Regenerative IMS, in 2018, through which she teaches and collaborates on medical treatments with other physicians. Located in the Phoenix area, she sees local and international patients. She enjoys life with the love of her life, Alex, and their two cats, Toops and Princess Dahlia.


Ron Interpreter

“Sharing medicine comes from a place of Gratitude”

An Entrepreneur, Practitioner, Philanthropist and father to 3 beautiful children Ron is a member of the Navajo Nation with maternal relations of the “White Streak in a Rock” of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, and paternal relations of the “Many Goats” of the Navajo Nation. An accomplished Intuitive Practitioner; Ron facilitates a healing modality he calls “Beeh Ji Zhoni – Beauty Within” to set healthy intentions and initiate self-discipline to create an abundant lifestyle. Synergistic and conscientious nature of being both professional and amiable, Ron has over 25 years of corporate experience in Business Administration, Philanthropy, Human Service, Academic Instruction, and Film / Entertainment.

Grace Grove Lifestyle Center is located in the majestic scenery of Sedona, Arizona. Known as a serene destination retreat center, divine in its essence, it provides modern amenities and artisan craft interior spaces that provide an environment for comfort, jubilation, and a soulful experience.


Sanctuary of Space

The Center sits on a quiet 28 acres of lush natural wilderness and is a peninsula that is bordered on 3 sides by a crisp flowing river. The property occupies a natural sanctuary to various indigenous birds, small animals, and deer.


Amenities of Comfort

The Center provides accommodations of comfortable spaces with an array of services to make your stay comfortable and relaxing. Included are tea and coffee bar, full kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, towels, linen, library, outdoor cooking oven, roof deck, patio, beach area, and yoga studio.


Lodging and Camping

The Center provides lodging and rustic outdoor camping accommodations for your rest and relaxation. Your choice of clean rooms is twin, queen, or king bed. Camping available on the 28-acre property with access to the Center amenities.



Sedona is a true oasis, a vacationer’s paradise in the middle of the Arizona desert. Here, you’ll find resorts and spas, canyons and red rock formations. Bell Rock and Oak Creek Canyon are great hiking spots, and the dramatic architecture of the Chapel of the Holy Cross is a religious experience itself. When the sun dips down below the horizon it introduces the best show in Sedona: the night sky.