What is Clinical Nutrition?

Clinical nutrition is a lot more than just getting your recommended daily allowances of vitamins and minerals or adhering to the food pyramid.  Clinical nutrition is customized specifically to your body.  We take into account your health goals and customize a plan that facilitates their accomplishment.  We take into account the way that your specific body's biochemical pathways and enzymes work and chemical and environmental stressors that are unavoidable.

Deficient or excess amounts of vitamins and minerals can result in a host of chronic disease states that are rampant in today’s society.  Many of these conditions are treated inappropriately because the root cause is never addressed.  Every person processes, stores and eliminates differently.  Based upon what you are eating, your medical history, laboratory blood work, genetics and current health state we make recommendations with food, lifestyle and, when necessary, supplementation of nutrients to address your individual nutritional requirements.