BioMat Nervous and Vascular System Therapy

The Amethyst BioMat is a great addition to treatments like acupuncture and after an adjustment, or used alone.  It combines the use of therapeutic gemstones with far infrared technology and heat to provide healing in many ways.  It increases microcirculation throughout the body.  This causes increased circulation, detoxification, relaxation and induces a parasympathetic state to the nervous system.  The increase of circulation causes oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to the tissues and the removal of waste more effectively.

 The unique combination of gemstones provides a source of negative ions which are abundant in natural environments such as mountains, forests, oceans, waterfalls and lakes. This provides stress release, decreases inflammation and boosts energy.

Conditions that the BioMat is used to treat:

·       Joint Pain and Stiffness

·       Muscle Pain, Strains and Spasms

·       Lymphatic Stagnation

·       Acute Illness

·       Inflammation

·       Stress Relief

·       Insomnia

·       Gastrointestinal Disorders

·       Disorders of the Cardiovascular System and Circulatory System

·       Brain Fog

·       Toxicities